It’s back to school and Vancouver-based King Insurance advisors are keeping parents and students on the road securely with the right auto insurance. There’s a lot to know about your ICBC insurance and driver’s license and King Insurance brokers make sure you have the right coverage when you buy your ICBC auto insurance or renew your ICBC insurance for your vehicle. Just in time to brush up on what you’ll want to know, King Insurance answers the top questions from clients about their ICBC auto insurance renewals.

How can I renew my car insurance?

The experts at King Insurance offer options to suit their clients’ schedules and lifestyles when it comes to their renewal request experience.

Online – Renew your car insurance online simply by visiting the King Insurance website auto insurance renewal page to renew your vehicle’s insurance. Fill in your information for your ICBC renewal request. Submit the form and an advisor will get in touch with you to complete your renewal for the year.

PhoneCall 604-325-2282 to speak with an advisor to discuss your auto insurance renewal and be served on your preferred schedule.

In both cases, you’ll receive email confirmation to your inbox directly with a copy of your documents. Hard copies, if required, are mailed shortly after.

Enjoy the service that suits you best to complete your ICBC auto renewal – by phone, or online. King Insurance has you covered and you’ll never miss a renewal date.

What do I do if my car insurance has expired? How can I renew it?

Just as you should take care to renew your driver’s license, you should be aware of your auto insurance renewal dates.

  • Being on the road with an expired license your run the risk of getting ticketed, fined or having your vehicle impounded. You might even serve jail time.
  • Forgot to renew your car insurance? Avoid driving your vehicle and get insurance as soon as possible. You may be at risk for fines and of course have no coverage at all if you are found on the road without insurance. If you are in an accident you will be responsible for damages to the vehicle or any property that is involved, and have to pay out of pocket.

Best to renew your policy! King’s auto insurance experts can look after your renewals by phone or in person. It is easy and stress free to renew your plates and avoid issues with your coverage.

Contact King Insurance today to discuss your coverage, find out about monthly payment plans for your ICBC vehicle insurance, or pay in advance so that you are always properly insured.

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