Income top-up is an individual policy for B.C. residents that provides additional coverage above the income replacement benefit available through ICBC’s Enhanced Care Accident Benefits. It is of special interest to high income earners such as those earning $100,000 or more. An auto insurance policy isn’t needed to buy it and proof of income at time is not needed at the time of purchase.   

These basic facts may help you determine if a consultation with King Insurance Services to help with your specific needs and levels of coverage is advisable:  

  • This is a new policy  

Income top-up was created to address the needs of high income earners, residing in B.C. to cover themselves from potential wage loss. In the past they would have been able to sue for such loss.  

  • It is a tiered product  

Income top up is offered as a tiered product so you can purchase it in $10,000 increments. You can buy up to $100,000 above the Basic income replacement benefit 

  • Who the policy is best suited for 

Income top-up best serves those who don’t have any other income replacement plan such as through their employer. British Columbians can access this policy regardless of fault in an accident. 

 Under the new Enhanced Accident Benefits, if you are hurt in a crash and unable to work due to your injuries, the income replacement benefit will cover 90% of a B.C. wage earners net income up to $100,000 in gross income. Again, this is an individual policy, so customers don’t need to have an auto insurance policy to buy it. 

Is this type of policy right for you and your situation? Find out if it is or if it provides income replacement for students, how it works for dual income earning partners, or if the benefits are based on the top-up amount of your actual income.   

Learn more about income top-up and other new Enhanced Care features that may benefit you when you insure your car, motorcycle, buy insurance coverage for your vehicle, insure your van, truck or motorcycle in B.C. 

Reach out by phone, email or online to Vancouver-based King Insurance Services for information. Expert insurance brokers can answer any of your insurance questions. They’ll be happy to review your plan and to detail your coverage to see how the changes and new options of ICBC’s Enhanced Care affect your coverage choices and your policy costs.  

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