Reliable insurance service in Vancouver, BC

When you choose insurance, you want to make sure that your insurance policy provides good coverage with a reasonable price. But, it is hard to find a reliable agent. Our team at King Insurance understands this frustration, and we strive to find a way to meet the evolving needs of clients.

We are an insurance broker in Vancouver, BC that has specialized in home and commercial insurance for over a decade. We compare quotes between insurance companies and provide the best quote to our clients.

Why Choose King Insurance?

Professional and Knowledgeable Service

Experienced and dedicated agents are ready to consult with you on home and commercial insurance, in strictest confidence. 

Managing Your Entire Policy and Concerns

King Insurance agents simplify and destress the entire insurance selection process and take care of all logistics for issuing and renewing your policy.  You are assured of best practices and choices to serve you best.  

Claim your Losses

No worries if your properties are affected by unexpected events. No need to feel panic at not knowing what to do. If you struggle to claim, please reach out to us because we are always ready to assist you. 

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