ICBC Autoplan 

Liability Coverage

Third Party Liability Coverage protects you when you cause damages to other people's vehicles, property, or bodily injury in an at-fault accident. 

Collision Coverage

Protects your own vehicle when you get into an at-fault accident.  ICBC will pay for the cost to repair the damages you caused to your own vehicle in the accident. 

Comprehensive Coverage

Protects your own vehicle when your vehicle is damaged from a hit-and-run accident, or when it is stolen or damaged by an unknown party.

Underinsured Motorist Protection

Protects you and your vehicle if you get into an accident with another driver who did not buy (enough) insurance to protect their Liabilities to the public.  They are considered an Underinsured Motorist.  

Roadstar & Roadside Plus

Provides you with additional optional coverage, such as Rental Vehicle Coverage and Emergency Roadside assistance.

Unlisted Driver Protection

This coverage protects you and your occasional drivers who might drive your vehicle.  Occasional drivers should not be driving your vehicle more than Twelve times per policy year.