Car Insurance

with ICBC Autoplan

ICBC Autoplan: Insurance for Vehicles

Auto insurance coverage is very important for every society, especially in British Columbia.

ICBC is a public insurance company that insures all drivers in BC. Understanding your Autoplan insurance coverage would help protect yourself and loved ones when you are in an accident. Every driver in British Columbia is required to purchase basic Insurance with ICBC. There are additional optional coverages available to protect you and your vehicle.

The most important coverages of an Car Insurance Policy are the following:

Third Party Liability Coverage
Insures for bodily injury or property damage you may cause to others, and are held legally responsible for. Third-Party Liability does not insure yourself or any of the property you own, including your vehicle.

Collision Coverage
This coverage protects your own vehicle when you damage it in an accident. Whether you had a collision with another vehicle, a lamp post, or a tree, if you damaged your vehicle in a collision, this coverage is triggered to repair your vehicle.

Comprehensive Coverage
This coverage protects your own vehicle when you don’t know who damaged it. For example, in a collision with an animal, or in a hit-and-run accident, Comprehensive Coverage is triggered to repair your vehicle.

Accident Benefits
Protects yourself for medical and wage loss insurance if you are injured from a motor vehicle crash. This is no-fault insurance. So you are covered no matter who caused the accident. Benefits are also payable to all passengers of a vehicle licensed and insured in BC.

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Uninsured Motorist Protection

This optional coverage protects you in accidents with other drivers who did not buy (enough) insurance to cover the damages they cause to you. They are an Underinsured Motorist, and your own policy will protect you from them.

Unlisted Driver Protection

This coverage in your ICBC Autoplan policy can protect you and the occasional drivers of your vehicle. (Occasional drivers use your vehicle no more than twelve times per policy year.)

Roadstar & Roadside Plus

Roadstar and Roadside Plus packages include additional coverage options, such as Rental Vehicle Coverage and Emergency Roadside assistance.

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