One way to make your business an attractive place to work is to offer employee benefits insurance. There are many different types of insurance for employees, but the most popular by far is health insurance. Not only does health insurance signal that you care about staff well-being, it can save you money on sick pay in the long term. Healthy employees are more productive employees after all!

Even though health insurance isn’t legally required, many small and medium-sized businesses set up a group health insurance plan simply because it’s the most important benefit an employer can offer. Group health insurance plans can also give wider access to specialized care than individual plans, plus the ability to add other options such as, dental, life, and disability insurance.

An important thing to remember is to tailor employee benefits insurance to your business’ demographic. Some businesses will ask employees for contributions to health insurance premiums. Not only does this help with sharing the cost, it avoids an abuse of the system and a spike in employee claim payments.