Unlisted Driver Protection

What is Unlisted Driver Protection?

If a customer would like the flexibility to be able to lend their car to occasional, unlisted drivers, Unlisted Driver Protection can provide a peace of mind. It protects you from a potential one-time financial consequence should an occasional driver, not listed on your policy, cause a crash using your car.

Unlisted Driver Protection is available at no cost to the customer until an unlisted driver causes a crash using the customer’s car.  After the first unlisted driver crash occurs, this Basic protection will cost $50 annually (one fee per policy; not driver). If unlisted drivers continue to crash your car, the cost of this protection will increase.  For Optional insurance, on average, the cost will start at $35 depending on rating factors.

Unlisted Driver Protection does not apply to:

  • household members or employees of the owner, lessee or principal driver
  • people who do not hold a valid driver’s licence
  • people who drove any of the owner’s or lessee’s vehicles more than 12 days in the 12 months before the crash (regardless of the length of the policy).
  • people who have already had an at-fault crash on any of the owners’ vehicles within the last five years prior to the crash.

What happens if an unlisted driver causes a crash?

If an unlisted driver causes a crash in a customer’s car and they did not have Unlisted Driver Protection or it was not applicable (for example, the unlisted driver was a household member and was therefore excluded), the registered owner may face a financial consequence of 15 times the Basic premium differential, up to $5,000 per claim.

This is based on the difference between what the customer should have paid if they listed the at-fault driver versus the actual premium paid without listing the driver. This fee is intended to represent the lost premium from not listing the at-fault driver.

If the driver has an out-of-province licence, the one-time financial consequence will be a flat fee of $250.

Exceptions to the financial consequence of an unlisted driver crash will be made for medical emergencies, programs like Operation Red Nose, and mechanics or valets who may have their own garage policy.

Customers who want to occasionally lend their vehicle to a friend not listed on their policy won’t need to purchase additional protection. But if that friend causes a crash, and the customer wants to continue to have this additional protection, for the next five years they’ll need to pay for it.


Source:  https://www.autoplan.icbc.com/Changes-to-auto-insurance/Pages/driver-category.aspx

    Ka Hing Cheung