Home Insurance Issues in NBC’s This is Us S03E05

Miguel is fixing Rebecca Pearson’s fridge because she didn’t buy home insurance.(Image Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BpIVrU5A4i2/?utm_source=ig_web_options_share_sheet)


After the airing of Season 3 Episode 5 on October 23, 2018, we learn that the Pearsons did not have Home Insurance in place. Apparently, Miguel had influenced Jack not to buy insurance. This is why Miguel is fixing Rebecca’s fridge, and maybe why he eventually gets to marry her too. I would actually consider this an inconsistency in the characterization of the Pearsons, because the Pearsons seem like responsible adults who would have insurance in place.
For any adult with responsibilities, it is imperative to have proper insurance. The lack of insurance for the Pearson family is especially devastating because the survivors are losing their only source of income. Rebecca will have to come out of her homemaking status, never having held a job at all (having let go of her singing career prematurely), to pay for all regular and additional expenses. Here are some of the post-fire expenses that Rebecca Pearson would be dealing with:

Expenses Home Insurance would pay for:

  1. Clean-up costs on the site of the fire-torn house.
  2. Rent payments for the small apartment with the broken fridge that Miguel is repairing. Actually, Insurance would provide a similar home to the one they lost in the fire in a nearby neighbourhood. So had Rebecca bought insurance, she would be set up with much nicer accommodations than the small apartment she is currently staying in.
  3. Repurchasing clothing, kitchenware, and furniture that they lost in the fire.
  4. There would be liability issues if the fire had caused damage to neighboring homes. Even if the fire had not spread onto a neighbour’s roof, the heat from the fire would melt the vinyl sidings of a neighbour’s exterior walls.

Expenses that could be paid for by their own savings, the sale of their fire-torn property, or an insurance policy on Jack’s life:

  1. If the title of the fire-torn house is not clear, then there are still regular mortgage payments to be made.
  2. Regular living expenses. Is Randall is going to college, and how is that being paid for?
  3. The cost of interment or cremation in Jack’s case, and possibly a memorial service or reception.
  4. Costs of therapists to provide the survivors with emotional guidance.

It’s really devastating for Rebecca to deal with all the above costs, meanwhile mourning the loss of her husband and guiding her adolescent children through mourning. I don’t mean to be mocking, but this would be a good time to start a Gofundme for Rebecca Pearson (fictional character).

Ka Hing Cheung