ICBC car insurance rated for New Residents of BC

There are actually advantages for new residents of BC buying ICBC Car Insurance.  However, they are only eligible for these advantages if they get a new BC Drivers License. Under the new driver factor system, new residents are awarded up to 15 years of out-of-province driving experience based solely on their licensing history.  This is an increase from the 8 years of out-of-province experience previously granted.  Furthermore, any crashes these drivers might have had while licensed in another jurisdiction will also not be considered.

If you’re just moving into BC, and you do not have a BC Drivers License yet, then you can expect a very high surcharge!  Your cost of insurance would be rated higher than a New Driver.  But once you get your BC Drivers license, your out-of-province driving experience would be recognized.  Go to your nearest Driver Licensing office to get your BC License.

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Ka Hing Cheung