Listing Drivers onto your ICBC Car Insurance Policy

Who drives your car
For policies effective September 1, 2019, one of the biggest changes you’ll notice when you buy or renew your ICBC Car insurance is that we will ask you to list who drives your car.  Under the old model, if a friend borrowed your car and caused a crash, the claim would go on your crash history, rather than theirs. As of September 1, crashes follow the driver – so the claim will go on your friend’s crash history, not yours. This helps to make sure the right person is held accountable for the crash.  Listing drivers won’t necessarily mean you pay more. It will depend on each listed driver’s experience and crash history.

Who should I list?

  • Household members and employees (of the principal driver, registered owner, or lessee if the vehicle is leased)
  • Learners
  • Others, such as friends and family, who will use your car

Why do I need to list drivers?
Knowing who will drive your car helps us to accurately assess the risk and ensure the right person is held accountable in the event of an at-fault crash.  If an unlisted driver causes a crash in your car, you could face a financial consequence unless you have opted for Unlisted Driver Protection.  However, this does not protect you from the financial consequence if a household member, employee, or other regular driver causes a crash, as they should be listed on your policy.

How do I list drivers?
When you see your Autoplan broker to buy or renew your insurance, bring the full name, driver’s licence number and date of birth for each person you want to list.  To list out-of-province drivers you will also need to know the jurisdiction of their licence (for example, Alberta).

You can add or remove drivers at any time.


    Ka Hing Cheung